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A collection of the most charming homes, duplexes, apartments, and guesthouses in Midtown Memphis.



If you are looking for an apartment, guest house, condo, duplex or house to rent, we offer some of the best rentals in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee. Our collection of beautiful historic Midtown duplexes are the best in Memphis.

Rentals are posted at least 30 days before they become available. All of our owner-managed properties are located in Midtown Memphis and are exceptionally well maintained. We take good care of you and our rental homes.


There are no properties available at this time.

Watch this site for more photos and detailed descriptions of available residential rental properties in Memphis, Tennessee. We specialize in Midtown Memphis duplex apartments.


Our properties are owner-managed. We take great care of our properties and we take good care of you. To maintain the beauty of the property and to offer a carefree environment for busy people we provide the following services: